Hey! My name is Larisa. The most important thing about me is that I love the Lord with all my heart. The Lord is my strength, my peace, my all! 

I am a Pacific Northwest girl who landed in the South because I married a handsome Georgia boy named Philip. I refer to him as "Phily", "Research King" and "Cooking Husband" quite often. Don't be surprised if you see those nicknames in this blog. We lived in picturesque Oregon for many years and we're now in the sunny peach state.

It's not hard to figure out from the blog title that Philip cooks and I bake. He is a talented self taught cook who will attempt to make anything. A few years ago I discovered I love to bake. Since then I have been trying all sorts of bread, cookie, cupcake and cake recipes. We love to eat out and are constantly searching for restaurants with authentic and fresh cuisine - especially of the international variety. We were VERY spoiled when we lived in Portland (it's well known for it's excellent food scene!). We also love to travel (especially me!). It's so energizing to adventure around a new city, state or country - taking in all the new sights and sounds and watching people. Of course, we can't forget the best part of traveling - trying new foods and new drinks. LOVE it.
I have created this blog so we can document our journey of cooking, baking and eating. I hope you enjoy reading about what we discover along the way!

This is our sweet and energetic Bichon-Poodle named Putter who keeps us on our toes......

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