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Eats and Treats: Seattle

Seattle is one of my favorites cities. It has been for quite some time.

I went to Seattle Pacific University, so I was lucky enough to spend 4 amazing years in the Emerald City. Even though I have traveled and lived all over, it always seems to stay at the top of my list. 

Seriously, you can't get much better than Seattle. Well if I'm being completely honest I think it could get much better if there wasn't so much rain (being the sun lover that I am). Then it would be my personal heaven here on earth!

But then it wouldn't be Seattle would it?

Anyways....there's mountains, lakes, sounds, islands, parks with gorgeous city views, fabulous food, amazing coffee and I could go on and on. I won't though because I'm getting a little weepy just thinking about it.

Take a gander and you'll know why I have such fond memories of this city......

Why am I getting all sentimental about Seattle? Because I have put together a snazzy list of all my favorite Seattle restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. My list is pretty small compared to what the city has to offer, but I imagine it will keep growing each time I go back to visit.

If you happen to be in Seattle and need a place to eat or need a caffeine fix - check out some of these places!

Eats & Treats: Seattle
Disclaimer - I'm not a food critic, just a gal who loves food!


Wild Ginger Asian Restaurant & Satay Bar
Web Site:
Thoughts: beautiful restaurant with wonderful food.


Dick's Drive In
Web Site:
Thoughts: greasy yet delicious burgers and fries. Great for late night hunger attacks (they are open late).

Kidd Valley
Web Site:
Thoughts: juicy burgers, hand-made fries and shakes. The shakes are really tasty.

Red Robin
Web Site:
Thoughts: started in Seattle, now have locations all over the U.S. and Canada. They serve up some fantastic gourmet burgers. Love, love their fries - really thick and crispy and are heavenly when dipped in ranch. Tasty appetizers as well. 

{Cafes & Pubs}

Belltown Pub
Web Site:
Thoughts: good breakfast and lunch. Nice outside seating for when the weather is warm and sunny!

Beth's Cafe
Web Site:
Thoughts: well known for it's breakfasts - especially it's omelette's.

Blue Star Cafe & Pub
Web Site:
Thoughts: another delicious breakfast place.

Web Site:
Thoughts: Fun appetizers and desserts. The molten chocolate cake is to die for. Good breakfast too!

Five Spot
Web Site:
Thoughts: friendly Queen Anne neighborhood cafe with good old fashioned American cuisine. Also known for it's breakfasts.

J & M Cafe
Web Site:
Thoughts: one of the oldest cafes/bars in Seattle. Awesome burgers.

Queen Anne Cafe 
No Web Site. Address: 2121 Queen Anne Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98109 / p 206.285.2060
Thoughts: another Queen Anne neighborhood cafe. Great breakfast and lunch. 


Web Site:
Thoughts: absolute best Cuban sandwich I have ever tasted (I lived in Miami for a few years, so I have tried many Cuban sandwiches!). If you live in Seattle or are visiting - you MUST go to Paseo. It's well worth it! 

{Coffee Shops}

Thoughts on all these coffee shops: I love them all! I went to all of these except El Diablo over and over during college. Great for coffee dates, studying, reading, etc. I discovered El Diablo after college during one of my visits. It's a unique coffee shop - it has a little Latin flair!

The Bahaus
Web Site:

Caffe Appassionato
Web Site:

Caffe Ladro
Web Site:

El Diablo Coffee Company
Web Site:

Seattle's Best
Web Site:

Web Site:

Web Site:

Uptown Espresso
Web Site:


Web Site:
Thoughts: impressive gelato. The flavors, the texture - pretty much perfect!

Trophy Cupcakes
Web Site:
Thoughts: fabulous cupcakes. I can't say enough about Trophy - the cake, the frosting, the flavors - all excellent. 


Top Pot
Web Site:
Thoughts: amazing, amazing doughnuts. The old fashioned chocolate is to die for.


Costas Opa
Web Site:
Thoughts: enjoyable Greek. Went here again and again during college!


El Puerco Loron
Web Site:
Thoughts: I tend to be a Mexican food snob because of my maiden name (Gomez). But, this restaurant has exceptional authentic Mexican. Tamales are awesome. Chips and salsa too!

Web Site:
Thoughts: another great Mexican place. I enjoyed a few birthday's here - sombrero and all!

Taco Del Mar
Web Site:
Thoughts: started in Seattle, now have locations all over the U.S. and Canada. Great burritos and tacos.


Web Site:
Thoughts: I enjoy the Pier 66 location. You can enjoy a view of the sound and fresh and fantastic seafood. 

Web Site:
Thoughts: gorgeous view of the sound if you sit by the windows. Good clam chowder. Fun Fact: they filmed a scene from Sleepless in Seattle at the Athenian. 

Crab Pot
Web Site:
Thoughts: you can feel like a kid when you eat here. Get one of the Seafeasts and they dump all the food on the table and you dig right in. You even get a bib. Outstanding seafood! 

Franco's Hidden Harbor
No Web Site. Address: 1500 Westlake Ave. N., Seattle, WA / p 206.282.0501
Thoughts: cute little restaurant on lake union. When the weather is nice you can sit on the deck and enjoy your seafood and the view of the lake. 

Web Site:
Thoughts: Ivar's has been around for years - since the late 30's. Excellent fish and chips.

Pike Place Chowder
Web Site:
Thoughts: no surprise, they have magnificent and award winning chowders. Perfect on a cold day. 

Ray's Boathouse & Ray's Cafe
Web Site:
Thoughts: spectacular view of the sound and the Olympics. Great food as well.


Web Site:
Thoughts: authentic Japanese food. Awesome sushi and sashimi.


Web Site:
Thoughts: I adore this place! Food is delightful and Chai is bottomless. Which is good for me because I drink it the moment I get there until the moment I leave.

{Irish Pubs} 

Thoughts on all these Irish Pub's: like the coffee shops, I love them all! It's probably the Irish roots. :) I love the food, the drinks (hard ciders are my fav), the live music, all of it!
Web Site:

Web Site:

Owl & Thistle
Web Site:

T.S. McHugh's
Web Site:


Alibi Room
Web Site:
Thoughts: very cool restaurant and bar. Delightful appetizers. A variety of pizza's. The spicy mac is splendid!

Buca di Beppo
Web Site:
Thoughts: lively atmosphere and large portions. Great food!

Il Bistro
Web Site:
Thoughts: charming little romantic bistro - candlelight and all.

The Old Spaghetti Factory
Web Site:
Thoughts: this restaurant started in the Northwest and is now all over the U.S. They have a wide variety of pasta. A few of my favorites - angel hair pasta with marinara sauce (or meat sauce) and a side order of pesto sauce mixed in (sooooo good!). Also, angel hair pasta with mizithra cheese & browned butter. The Italian soda's are very refreshing.

Web Site:
Thoughts: over all really good pizza - can't wrong on any of them!

Web Site:
Thoughts: same as Pagliacci's - just plain old good pizza.


Sisters European Snacks
Web Site:
Thoughts: serves tasty grilled focaccia sandwiches.

World Wraps
Web Site:
Thoughts: delicious wraps with an international flair - you can find Thai wraps, curry wraps, teriyaki wraps - you get the idea!


  1. Larisa, I'll never forget when you gave me this list before I headed off to SPU! I looked at it often and loved that I had some insider knowledge! Hope all is well!

  2. Ah! Yes! I am so glad it was helpful!!! :)


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