Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello Fall

I love the fall. I love the trees as their leaves change color, I love the cool crisp sunny mornings, I love that thanksgiving is next month and I get to eat loads of mashed potatoes (oh, and of course spending time with family!). Most importantly, I love that fact that I can have my pumpkin spice lattes again. Am I hearing the hallelujah chorus!??!?! Yes. Yes, I am. It could also be that I'm an October baby. In fact, I am celebrating number 35 this very day! 

Since I was feeling the fall spirit, I decided to snazz up our blog for the fall season. I found a brilliant web site called Shabby Blogs through my friend Melissa. There are some talented and creative folks at Shabby Blogs. I was impressed! I spent most of last night perusing through all their adorable freebies and changing up our blog. I enjoyed my little makeover project so much that I've decided to change the look of the blog with the change of every season. 

If you have some time and need a blog makeover....check them out! :)

Happy fall!


  1. Love the new blog look for fall! Can't wait to see you :) I look forward to baking together and enjoying cooler weather an maybe seeing some colorful leaves

  2. What a cute new blog look! Fall is looking about OVER here... a storm blew most of the leaves off yesterday! Ah, the PNW!!

  3. Thanks Katie! We actually get fall here in GA - which is nice! Ours leaves are falling off too! :( They are so pretty - don't want them to go just yet!


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