Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jalapeno Cilantro Hummus

For Christmas my parents gave Phily a snazzy cookbook called Around the World in 450 Recipes. It's awesome. We are finding all sorts of unique and delicious looking international recipes. One of the recipes we found was Hummus. I thought we should spice it up a little and add some jalapeno and cilantro to the recipe. I recently saw hummus with jalapeno and cilantro at the grocery store and I have been wanting to make it ever since. AND...can I just say I'm glad we added the jalapeno and cilantro...sooooo very good! 

Jalapeno Cilantro Hummus
Source: Adapted from Around the World in 450 Recipes Cookbook
Servings: 4-6
Note: if you have a small food processor, you may have to make this in two batches 

1 jalapeno (ribbed and seeded depending on desired heat level)
1 bundle cilantro
1 cup canned chick-peas
1/2 cup Tahini
3 garlic cloves
2-3 lemons, juiced
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1/2 teaspoon cumin
pinch salt and pepper
pinch cayenne pepper

Rib and seed jalapeno (depending on the heat level desired). Cut stems off cilantro. Add both to food processor.

Blend together. Set aside in bowl for later.

Drain and rinse chick-peas. Save extra chick-peas and liquid. Set aside for later. I was glad to find the Goya brand at Kroger. I have been happy with the Goya products I have bought so far.

Rinse off chick-peas and add to food processor.

Add tahini. You should be able to find tahini at most grocery stores. I found this at Fresh Market.

Add garlic.

Add juice from lemons. Helpful Hint: start out with 1 1/2 to 2 lemons and add 3rd lemon if needed.

Add extra virgin olive oil.

Add cumin, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper. 

Add jalapeno and cilantro mixture and blend together until smooth.

HELPFUL HINT ABOUT FLAVOR AND TEXTURE AFTER ALL INGREDIENTS ARE BLENDED TOGETHER: if lemon flavor is too strong, add more chick-peas until desired flavor is reached. If you desire a smoother texture, add more liquid until desired texture is reached (start with 1 tablespoon liquid from canned chick-peas or 1 tablespoon olive oil).

Enjoy with some pita chips!

Check out the original hummus recipe as well!

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